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You want to sell high quality sexdolls in your adult store, on your website, or through some other outlet. Ordering a batch of sexdolls from an overseas producer is always risky. Chances are you will pay the overseas company and end up with sub-standard dolls, or worse, no dolls at all. We have already charted this treacherous market and can provide you with top quality sexdolls at a fair price. You will find cheaper dolls, but not of the high quality that is expected and demanded by customers in Europe and North America.

We provide top quality sexdolls for sexdoll vendors worldwide. There are great advantages to use us as your sexdoll supplier. We work only with the very best manufacturers to ensure the sexdolls you sell to your customers are of the highest possible quality. We offer a better warranty against manufacturing defects than anyone else. We are based in Sweden where we serve the European market. We also have a branch in Atlanta, Georgia, USA where we serve the North American market.

Sexdolls can be either customized or made to popular standard specifications.

We offer a very large selection of different heads, different body types, hair, eye colors, skin tones; all can be combined in any way your customers like.

Bestselling sexdolls:









All sexdolls in alphabetical order


165 cm standard body

158 cm standard body

148 cm standard body

140 cm standard body


165 cm body with A-cups

153 cm body with B-cups

158 cm body with extra large breasts

165 cm body with larger breasts


158 cm body with extra thin waist

153 cm extra curvy body

175 cm body with A-cups

160 cm body with smaller breasts


163 cm chubby body

150 cm S-Body

168 cm S-Body

166 cm muscle body


160 cm male body


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