Sexdoll Juliana

148 cm standard body

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LENGTH: 148 cm
BREAST: 75 cm
WAIST: 51 cm
HIP: 78 cm
WEIGHT: 25 kg
MATERIAL: TPE with internal metal skeleton
SEX FUNCTIONS: Vagina, Mouth, Anus

Juliana is naturally available with other hair, eyes, and skin color. Look around at all the dolls on the site and see which hair, eyes, and skin color you prefer. It is the same price for all hair, eyes, and skin colors

Dolls are manufactured according to your specifications and sent to you direct from the factory in China.
Freight charges depend on order quantity, your location, and mode of transport. Juliana who you see in the pictures is 148 cm. She's available with the bodies below.

Standard Bodies:
140 cm
148 cm
158 cm
165 cm

Special Bodies:
153 cm extra curvy
158 cm extra slim waist
153 cm small breasts
165 cm larger breasts
160 cm smaller breasts
165 cm small breasts
158 cm extra large breasts
160 cm chubby

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